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Soul Sister Dr. Conndi Rice You Go Girl


Jan 14, 2005
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As I Dr Conndi :hm Rice Addressing the Middle east leaders all I could think of is how far we have come to.

See this strong BLACK WOMAN going head to head againest these strong yet barbaric PIGS and holding her own it make me feel GREAT all the years of working for CIVIL RIGHTS is paying off .

And now you have to try to remember this song!! And "I'm on a natural high!"
HOWEVER their just may be some flash back from the Mushrooms ,tiie'sticks.
hash & LSD

Strutting her stuff in OLD Telia VEVIE working in the name of PEACE come on hey COME ON GIRL GIVE IT A GO!!! Chite'-Chite'YA'-YA'

To be honest I still have some grave reservation :confused: on how well The Middle East as well as rest of the whole world will accept this STRONG BLACK WOMAN
it remains to be seen .
But I like what I See so far!!

All we are saying is give peace a chance

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