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Sometimes even I question the great unwashed!


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Sep 16, 2009
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Millions of fans across the country screamed at their TV screens in delight as Steven Gerrard scored England's opening goal of the World Cup - but millions more were left screaming in frustration after an ITV blunder meant they missed the goal.


Brilliant. Miss a football goal on telly and they go mad. Experience all the things which have wrecked the nation over the years and they prevaricate. Indeed, despite all the damage done on national and local levels, Labour deserved nothing less than to be atomised at the polls during the election - yet they still gained enough Parliamentary seats to force the Tories to call in the Liberals for a coalition government.

For example, during our current paedo' scare, we read in our papers shocking stories of council employees abusing kids in their care. Plus we're supposed to all be on the alert for political extremists. Yet the death-wish voters of Barking re-elected Margaret Hodge by a LANDSLIDE, though she herself covered up a paedophile scandal which she was responsible for, back in the days when she idolised Lenin, and has properly apologised for neither.


Perhaps if she did something which led to the citizens of Barking missing out on TV transmissions then they may have been stung into action!


"You're not wanted here and your vile politics have no place in British democracy. Pack your bags and go," a defiant Hodge said in her victory speech.

What do all those broken kids and witnesses of your commie-loving think of that, you hypocritical, toxic Red tampon?!




Forced to actually face the real issues (albeit with the usual snake oil and lip-service applied) when the peasants apparently were to revolt: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2007/may/20/comment.politics




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It's interesting. I saw this sociologist once talking about how sport was part of the grand mastermind intention for complete war on Earth and or world domination. The guy was talking about how in the late 19th century the idea of bringing back sport on a colleseum scale was devised for a number of reasons, but the most important of which was to give the masculine order of the species an oppourtunity to vent dorment tribal instincts. So that, rather than have the goyim fight for their human rights and political ideals, the masses could be distracted by feelings of achievement and support through either participating in or following sport. He talked about how the idea, whilst being a priority, wasn't feasable until when the radio and later television became widespread, when it was encouraged agressively through advertisements and promotional tactics that would influence the listener to begin actively supporting local 'tribes'.

It makes perfect sense. When you drive through town on match day I can't help but think "Just imagine if we could harness this kind of power in numbers" how different the world could be, but unfortunately these peoples minds aren't on babies having their stomachs cut open or old women being shot for fun in Afghanistan, they're purely interested in weather or not their tribe will win at kicking a ball around for 90 minutes.

Then afterwards, back on the farm.

With the other animals.

It's been very convenient that sport is the channel and obsession for people in this country, so much so that real aggressions which could have been focused on treasonous politicians gets seriously diluted. And for the housewife, an endless parade of Jeremy Kyle, Eastenders and Coronation Street episodes is a great distraction from the troubles of the day.

From what I know the popularity of the cinema, then radio, then television has actually seen the decline of active public opposition and demonstration. The media only makes it appear that there is greater intimacy with the Powers That Be now. And with politics becoming even less localised and de-personalised with the imposition of the EU, our impotence has been totally assured. They can do what they want now.


Mind, politicians and officials take this handy de-nationalisation too far. Don't let the natives be proud of their country, they reckon, else we'll want it back! Hence the wayward Public, now not really knowing why their country has been so great, still taking exception to being told not to fly the flag at times they still understand why they should:

YouTube - Trendies Beware: England is for LIFE, not just for Football!


With pustules like Martin Smith and other leftists in authority ordering us to understand that the Union Jack is racist and supremacist at all times in all circumstances, I'm surprised anybody still takes pride nowadays. But there's been a resurgence:

YouTube - national anthem england 35000 supporters

Even pop fans can still sing the anthem, this one at a Queen gig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQP0A9wJq3A&feature=related (How could the 'trendy' filth seek to crush all that?!)

There's still always hope. When you lose respect and pride in your country, you lose your bearing and your marbles on top of your identity. Don't let the PC morons turn you into a self-hating drone like them.
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