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Some Things I Was Thinking About

"Buy the problem, sell the solution."

Easy. Set up a problem then sell the people your solution for it. You win and they lose in the end. But this quote was more directed at the expense by which some will go to set up a problem in order to reap the benefits gathered by presenting the solution. Because, in effect, the seller is more likely to give much more when they desperately need the cure to the virus you made...so to speak.

"Sell what is already free."

I witnesses this one day at the airport. I saw an old man who looked pretty grungy gather up those smartecarts that were left off there racks. He would then sell them to people as they arrived at the airport. At first I was humored and disgusted at the same time, but when I thought about it I had admired the mans business model. He took what was already free and sold it for absolute profit. And this was a bum. It made me wonder what else am I being sold that is free.

"Red Pill or Blue Pill"

This is from my disgust with this whole split on Republican's vs Democrats. How ridiculously childish. I bet they are both in Washington laughing at us all. Look at it this way. Government hands you two options every election term. Red pill or blue pill. Each is held in one hand, but each hand receives instruction from the same Brain. Red pill or blue pill; it doesn't matter. Both are poisons, neither are cures.

"Yesterday your servant, today your equal, tomorrow your king"

One of many ways the idea that what was harmless and beneath notice one day may become mighty and beyond you the next. It also shows the ways in which roles can be switched in the blink of an eye. It applies to many things, not just people.

"The great shame in being conned is that later you realize it was you who conned yourself."

When a person proposes a con, there is usually something that tells you it is too good to believe. A host of little and big things you seem to mentally record but never consciously be alert to until after the fact. This is usually because you have been seduced by the prize. The con is nothing without the prize. The profit. Something that is too good to pass down, even if it seemed like a long-shot. You, in short, are willing to risk it for the benefits. When you lose, you realize how stupid you were for ever believing in such a thing. You suddenly remember all those little things you actually saw but never gave attention to until now. A con is humorous to me because it's probably one of the only crimes I know whose loose strings are potentially tied up, in the end, by the victim, depending on how great his shame or embarrassment. But cons can backfire. You may victimize the utterly vengeful.
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