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Some legal questions about refugees.



Hello, guys! I wanted to consult you as to how we should behave in the following situation.
Well, we are Georgian refugees. After the war in August 2008 we were accommodated into one of the empty buildings in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. However now we are being moved out by force with all our belongings being thrown out in the streets. They say that houses have been allocated to us in some far away villages and so they order us to go there. At the same time they provide us neither with transport, nor with money for moving nor with meal – with nothing at all actually. But that’s only a part of the problem. Those who went into the villages say that it’s impossible to live there, that those are deserted settlements where there’s no normal water supply, even water wells are all dry and there’s no electricity and gas either. That’s the situation f*ck it.
So I was wondering if you may know some international legal ways of solving the problem. Maybe through some sort of court? You see we are ordinary people and we don’t know how to do it. While our authorities frankly speaking don’t care a damn about us, actually not only about us – human rights aren’t actually very much respected here in Georgia, only if you have money((. No matter who we go to they all tell us to get away. So we have nowhere to turn for help to. This is our only way to seek help.
for a person with no electricity, you do a fantastic job of posting on the internet using smoke signals.
for a person with no electricity, you do a fantastic job of posting on the internet using smoke signals.

Not to mention that the first place he goes to is searching on internet message boards? :)

Sorry but until you provide some .. Ah nevermind.. Good luck!

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