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Soldier's feelings about their duty


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Jul 20, 2005
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Thought this was pretty interesting view of the soldiers serving in War and how they feel. Seems there demoralized and hate being there duty, least thats what the dems seems to tell us.


I find it amazing that we never here these types of stories from our unbiased media....

Sorry about the title but i screwed up and there was no way to edit it, least that I could find.

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Re: Soldiers Feelings about Iraq

Thanks for posting that. I had read about that town hall meeting, but thats the first video of it that I've seen.

Classic reply from a politician who has just been bagged and tagged:

"That wasn't in the form of a question, it was a statement."

Well, at least he got that right - and it was a helluva statement.

For more input on what soldiers are thinking about where they are and what they are doing, this is a good site:


Another good site for an especially good look and how we at home are supporting our people and their efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, go to:

Re: Soldiers Feelings about Iraq

And you just won't see this getting serious press. But have an old lady wear a thirst and it's on the news for a week..... The slants are amazing when it comes to unbias reporting
Actually (at least when I tune into the mainstream media, which isn't so often any more), these are the sorts of stories that tend to predominate. Or so it seems to me. In fact, I don't recall seeing any mainstream news stories about soldiers being demoralized and only a few of them being portrayed in a bad light.
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