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Socialist workers online article.


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Jun 23, 2005
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I read the above article, and noted how much the author ignored a glaring reason for the rise is corporate bureaucracy. The Author noted that from 1960 to 1995 government expendatures as a percent of GDP rose from 20% to 50%.

It would seem to me, that along with the growth in government, a growth in the activities of regulatory agencies is also to be expected, and corporations would in turn hire more people to deal with the government bureaucracy. The Author also talked about how corporations hires armies of lawyers and lobbyists, two groups directly expanded as a result of the state willingness to interfere in the market, new legislation and regulation, or problems with current regulation or legislation.

He also criticized the Austrain school of economics as resulting in western governments subsidizing private industry. Which should give the author a clue, that the Austrian policies were not adopted, because we tend a oppose subsidy, and strong so. It's a kin to one's doctor tell the patient not to eat fatty fast foods, and then the patient easts fatty fast food because those were the doctor's orders.

The Author also alludes to corporate Bureacracy being a major reason for poor healthcare coverage in the US. However, having worked in non-patient services within a fair sized healthcare corporation (a non-profit one too), I can tell you, regulation was a BIG killers in efficiency. NY State and Federal regulations that did not improve patient care, but rather detracted from it. Even after the implementation of HIPAA federal madates still requires triplicate, non-electronically reproduced, forms to be handwritten out by nurses. all these forms of course, having the exact same data as was available on the computer systems, and similar forms were generated with three mouse clicks. Federal regulation is going a tremendous way to kill healthcare in the country, not market activities.

Oh, and Newt Gingrich was proposing more new legislation to prevent specialization in hospital care, i.e. prevent competition, in the name of protecting competition.

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