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Socialism Vs. Capitalism: Red Ain't Dead and SAM Ain't Fled

Voice of Reason

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May 27, 2005
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Welcome to the War Room.

Socialist and Capitalist have been at odds since the conception of each and it is time to settle the score. I will return to tally scores every week in an unbiased manner judging soley on content and presentation.

Remember it is not just a view that counts when determining how good or bad an idea is. It also has alot to do with the character of those who express their ideas. So, while this is a completely open thread where you can say basically anything you want, just realize that you are representing everyone else on your chosen side.

If for whatever reason, two or more "teamates" request you to be terminated, then everything you say after that point will be ignored in the tallying process. This is to ensure that one sour apple can not continue to damage one team as a whole if that team does not feel that its character is being properly represented.

For those of you concerned with the tallying process, I ask you to ease your minds. I respect both sides and while in other forums I often comment on the side of Capitalism that is because I am far more educated in Capitalism. However, all personal feelings on this matter shall be excluded from the judging process. I am honestly interested in seeing who can win this debate. I shall also not be a part of the debate.

I will however start it with a quote of definitions which a Socialist friend stated to be incorrect. Its seems to be a good starting point to use a pair of flawed definitions to start off with.
I have heard many people define socialism in the past and it can be somewhat difficult to describe. The reason is that it works one way in theory and another way in application. To save confusion and because I have not studied enough on socialism I will state the definition as it applies to socialism when it is actually attempted. (These are my own words so please dont take it all on blind faith until you have researched it yourself)

Socialism (as it has evolved into today) attempts to create a classless society by assigning equal burden on all citizens. The problem with socialism is that if you have nothing higher to work for, your work loses quality and thus Socialism must fail over time.

Capitalism is a system that allows citizens to profit by working harder. (Supply and Demand) In America, you can go out and start your own business and the more quality products you sell, the more money you make.

Therefore Capitalism encourages individual growth and inspires people to acheive, making them richer, thus making the entire society richer
while Socialism seeks to benifit society equally by basically forcing its citizens to work for Big Brother at equal status, and controlling all aspects of industry which in effect stifles creativity and will to acheive.

That is why America is so special. Free Enterprise allows us to acheive for ourselves therefore benefiting our society. Basically we feed Big Brother instead of Big Brother feeding us. Although this precious system is beginning to shift tides. This is why we must choose to stand beside our country and its origional ideals. It is possible that once we lose it we may never get it back.

My definitions could be a little off, and I apologize for any discrepency,(feel free to correct me if I slipped on the exact definition)but I hope that I was able to shed a little light on your understanding.)

(This post will not count in the tallying)
My friend, I will choose to only debate in the other forum you have created. I do not wish to be part of this tallying process, but instead prefer real, meaningful debate, not mindless namecalling, which seems to be the inevitable end result of this thread. The war room, as you call it, is yours and yours alone. Besides, you already know my response to your post here.
I agree. Voice of Reason already seems to have a bias and would be unfair in judging the debate. The purpose of the debate is not to "tally scores" but to share ideas and learn from each other.
I don't think I'm going to flame opon people about taxes and stuff. I'm a capitolist. That is that. Lets debate this in economics. Good try though
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