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So when is cheap oil going to run out? (1 Viewer)


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Jul 19, 2005
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According to dudes with the hubbard peak theory, its 2008 peak date, with a continual drop afterward.

Anyone else got information on this?
The American Geological Survey concluded that the half-way mark is decades from being reached and the International Energy Agency agrees with them.
Are we talking oil, or cheap oil? If the latter, it may have just run out.
Napoleon's Nightingale said:
:shock: What do you mean by "cheap oil"?
Meaning we pay a lot less than the citizens of a lot of other countries.
Also meaning that energy, in general, has historically been so cheap in this country that it limits motivation to conserve, develop alternatives, etc.
We were building houses in cold weather states as recently as the early 70's with no insualtion in the walls, and not much in the attics.
Houses that were "properly insulated" were being done at a much lower standard than today. And even today, 4" thick exterior walls are still being used instead of 6" in many cold weather areas.
City and county inspectors should be more involved in this issue as well. One house a friend owned, and the one I am in, had sheetrock installed over walls with no insulation becuase the drywall guy got there before the insulation guy was done. I caught my guy, and made him stop. My friend discoverd that about a fourth of his exterior wall was not insulated after high heating costs made him look into it. The house was only 5 years old, and he was the second owner. The builder was still operating in the area and did make good on the work, but not the lost money to excess heating costs.
So, in a way, it might be a good thing that cheap energy is a thing of the past. That way, maybe we will stop wasting it?
I think cheap oil ran out at about the time Bush was elected.:lol:
Old and wise said:
I think cheap oil ran out at about the time Bush was elected.:lol:
Which one? I hear Jeb is considering running in 2008, so this situation may not be over yet. The fat lady isn't even in the building yet, much less approaching the stage.:(

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