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Site update - Sunday April 24 (1 Viewer)

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Sunday around noon CST, the site will be down for approximately an hour for update and maintenance.

1. The sidebar will move to the left hand side for non-donating members. It will be removed completely for donating members.
2. The database will be updated.
3. The host will have a few software updates.

Hopefully this will result in:
1. More clicks on our advertisements.
2. Much much faster searches on the forums

This thread is stickied and is open to suggestions and feedback.

Thank you.
Well, if you have the mass-pm/email hack you could email those who don't come here anymore and get them back here so that they can click on those links too.
That is a good idea, but not for the adverts.
Some folks may have forgotten about us after a break or vacation. ;)

Ads will take care of themselves. No one is asking for them to be clicked.
We have quite a few out there and would hate to know if someone is clicking on them just to click. That is costly and wrong.

By moving them over to the left - the advertiser will get what they pay for - more persons actually reading and clicking on an ad or subject they are interested in. Since they are currently on the right, they are easily overlooked or never seen.
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do I get a medal if I click on each link 20 times?
You might get a cookie. :)

If you donate, you get an image that says that you are a donator, larger avatars, huge PM box, as well as other benefits. Click on the PayPal link for more info.

The update will be either later tonight or in the morning (monday) as there is quite a bit of activity on the boards today. I do not want to kick anyone off to start the update.
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