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Sick and tired (1 Viewer)


Jan 30, 2005
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I am a student and I rely on financial aid to pay for my education. I have read that Bush has just cut his spending for financial aid. Over 90,000 students nation wide will not receive financial aid and over 1.3 million will have their aid cut. That means these students will have to make sacrifices in dealing with the education that America tells them is SO important. I don't want my education to be put on hold because he wants to put more bodies on the front lines. When these students can't pay for their classes what do you think they will do? Join the Army? To more and more people it sounds like a good idea because of the funding for school that they can get from the military. You see more and more commercials about it all the time. Our people aren't being asked to volunteer into the military anymore they are being forced into it.
MAN, the whole system is messed up. I am a student, who doesn't get fin. aid. I am in a lower middle class family and we are from the trailer park. Apperently, we make way too much money (I can't tell). My friend gets close to $4000 and the comm. college we go to only costs a little over $2000. He just puts the extra money in the bank. I could be crazy, but I think race may have something to do with it also. My friend, who is black and lives in a two story house, gets fin. aid, but I can't. There has to be a better way the whole FASFA thing is stupid. I don't think the military has anything to do with it. True, money for fin. aid has gone down, but more people are getting money.

Hell, truthfully Bush doesn't have to do anything. Only 17% of us young people vote. So, we don't have a voice. That's why I like liberals more than I like people who don't vote.

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