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Shrimp Tales II

Wild Bill who was a rigman that wanted to become a captain so bad that he stole a trawler from the Lyco fleet. He made it all the way to Lake Ocachobe in Florida where he ran aground on the inland waterway there.
Mother Lee who was once a priest but quit the priesthood when his whole family was killed in a car wreck. He was gay hence the reference Moyher. He was super intelligent and highly educated. He was a good friend of mine. Sadly, he died young of a heart attack at age 52.

Bubba who was once the owner of a prosperous hardware store in Key West, Fla had dropped out of his life there and became a wino. His son was an air force col. Bubba always used to tell people, "I am not a wino, I'll drink anything. He was a very good friend of mine' I had a friend of mine from the army who worked on the shrimpboat with me to earn money for college. Captain Bubba fished together all that summer. Ron later wrote a sort story about Bubba where Bubba left the docks one day fully loaded for his fishing trip. In the story Bubba never returned from that trip. The story which was fiction became reality when bubba left on a fishing trip and was never heard from since. My friend who n who wrote the story went on to become a newspaper at Daytona, Beach, Fla.
Enough for now.

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