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Showdown in Iowa Plus Karl Rove Reacts:

As much as they would have liked to believe that they could continue to hold on to power in a state that is very important to Republicans, the paultard derevolution is slowly beginning to realize that without a leader, much like the Republican Party today, they cannot do much. This isn’t to say that they never really had much planned to begin with. They just wanted to win, win anything. They were desperate during the primaries to show some type of proof that the derevolution was spreading! Iowa was one of the states that they always cited as being the head of the paultard cult. Now, however, the paultards have been defeated and all their candidates that they chose were not elected.

If they ever really had any proof that wasn’t spread by fraudulent charts, hacked polls, or Youtube brainwashing methods, that the liberty movement was spreading, now it really is in decline. For, the Republican Party is uniquely tied with the Libertarians in the party in the sense that the libertarians are like parasites. Much like the Tea Party, they cannot survive without the big money republicans! That is a fact with both parties. Liberals, communists, socialists, and the black liberators cannot survive without the big money democrats and the Hollywood celebs.

So there we have it in Iowa’s Story County, which was won by Ron Paul in the 2012 election. The Story County GOP elected Dane Nealson as their new chairman on Monday. Nealson defeated Cory Adams, who was the sitting chair and had publicly endorsed Ron Paul in 2011.

A “Patriot” group on the other hand has depicted Republican Strategist Karl Rove as a Nazi in uniform during a mass email attack. The group called Active Engagement has since apologized and Mr. Rove forgave them. However, he made some very valid points last night on Hannity’s show.

He stated that for how much Rove’s Super-Pac Crossroads GPS gets attacked by Conservatives and Libertarians as well as the liberals who hate it, there are other organizations on the right, where corruption and money scandals happen daily! Rove does not pay himself any money from Crossroads, yet, as we have documented here on Antipaulbot.com many of the smaller libertarian super pacs have indeed practiced campaign corruption! The tea party is once again using liberal talking points to slander anybody that is trying to help mend this broken party in a way that is uniquely conservative and quite libertarian. We do not want another Akin and Murdoch screwing up our image when we are also taking hits from our liberal enemies! Rasmussen recently came out with a new poll saying that only 8% of the country identifies with the Tea Party movement. That message will no longer work, and what Karl Rove is trying to do is make sure that we pick Republicans that can actually win elections!

Another issue with the people who are attacking Crossroads is that they feel disenfranchised because they think Rove is a corrupt “war monger” as some liberaltarians like to say. I have asked this question to countless Tea Party sympathizers and paultarlds alike, but they all refuse to answer this, instead they attack “moderate” Republicans. Why should we pick people who say crazy things and who are unelectable? On this issue, like most, Karl Rove and I think exactly alike!

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