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Showdown in Alaska:

From the state that gave us Sarah Palin (You be the judge on if that’s a good thing or not) comes a ploy that will linger on in the paultard databanks of revisionist history for ages! Yes, the GOP stole the Chairman special election in Alaska from another paulbot!!! This time Russ Millette is the supposed victim. So the official story from the paulbot camp goes.

The Official Paulbot Story backed by the Campaign for Liberty:
The outgoing leadership, which is now pushing the ouster of Millette, includes the same individuals who freely violated Party rules by publically opposing a Republican nominee, encouraging activists not to attend Party events, and taking sides in contested primaries. These individuals are simply angry that Alaska Republicans have had enough of their leadership selling out to politicians who support Big Government and refuse to stand for Republican principles. Millette is a staunch defender of liberty and a committed Party activist who was duly elected by fellow Alaska Republicans. If the Alaska GOP wants to remain a viable Party and actually increase its membership, then the State Central Committee should vote to seat Russ Millette as chairman at their February 9th meeting.

However, what actually happened seems to be a conspiracy on the paulbot side to take over the Alaska GOP. The coup failed when older members of the Alaska GOP noticed that Millette and company weren’t acting in favor of Republican ideas and they were trying to push their own agenda.
Party rules chairman Frank McQueary had petitioned for Milllette to be removed from office before he could be sworn in on Feb 1. McQueary insists that Millette and his group of Paulbot supporters “bullied and threatened and intimidated” their way to power. McQueary also added that Millitte had, “never contributed, never participated” before in Alaska politics. McQueary and others noted that back in April Millette had garnered enough paulbot support to steal and takeover the Alaska election. He said that it was a, “totally inappropriate attack on the Republican Party at the state convention.” As a final note he added that Millette’s views and leadership does not represent Alaska Republicans. Seems like he doesn’t like Millette too much and he’s completely right!

Alaska Dispatch reporter Craig Medred has done a fine job reporting this story and all the credit goes out to him! He must be doing something right. I mean just look at the Facebook comments and there they (paulbots) are shunning the reporter! I think I will write him a nice letter of appreciation after I post this up. He should know that someone does care. As usual, the only evidence of the paulbot conspiracy I have found is on alternative websites and articles made by biased Ron Paul supporters.

It all started in April. When disenfranchised conservatives and Paulbots banned together in Alaska to support Russ Millette so that he could go to the convention and become a delegate that would vote for Ron Paul. Then, in August at the convention, Chairman Murkowski and Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo, were booed on stage. We all know how paulbots love to do that to party leadership! Millette was asked if he was a part of that. He denied it. He admitted to being, “frustrated with the ticket,” and that he didn’t do anything to either support Mitt Romney or unite the Republican Party nationally or in Alaska. He refused to share who he voted for. It was probably because he voted for Ron Paul! So I guess libertarians hide behind the “secret ballot,” when it suits their agenda huh? He also added that the Chairman-elect has no responsibility in “towing the party lines.” That altogether is an odd statement isn’t it? Wouldn’t the new chairman be anxious and passionate about doing everything he could to help the Republican Party? Wouldn’t he want to get started on his duties earlier, rather than later?

He later admitted that he never put any real effort into party fundraising or initiating any contact with any members of the Republican Party in Alaska’s heavily Republican community. It seemed to the Older Republicans, that Russ Millette didn’t care at all!
McQueary also questioned Millette why he was part of a non-republican libertarian sounding radio show called “Alaska Talks Liberty,” which is actively seeking donations. Millette only replied that he didn’t see any competition there. Anybody who reads this blog knows what the tell-tale signs of a paulbot community looks like, so if you got to Alaska Talks Liberty | Radio For a Free America you might hurt your eyes! Warning Paulbots!!!! It looks like Alaska’s version of the Daily Paul.

How could Millette claim to want to be Alaska’s GOP Chairman and run a radio show that states that he is independent from any party? Many members of the Republican Party in Alaska have wondered this and they also wonder what his true intentions really are. He is listed is described as a Paleo-Conservative. Which is, “a term that describes conservatives who opine strong restrictions on immigration, a rollback of multicultural programs, the decentralization of the federal polity, the restoration of controls upon free trade, a greater emphasis upon economic nationalism and isolationism in the conduct of American foreign policy, and a generally revanchist outlook upon a social order in need of recovering old lines of distinction and in particular the assignment of roles in accordance with traditional categories of gender, ethnicity, and race, as such, paleoconservatives differ from mainstream conservatives." To me that sounds like a libertarian!!! Is this going to be a new term that libertarians use to start describing themselves, after they failed at being true libertarians and true conservatives???

As a last ditch effort Millette got on the conspiracy bandwagon and claimed that the party leadership did not tell him about meetings and they did not allow him access to party recourses and party headquarters. When asked again sometime later, he said that that statement he made was entirely false! Of course! How could a chairman-elect, who according to Millette shouldn’t do any work as a chairman, be admitted or denied access to things related to his work? And that’s where his little conspiracy fell apart!

He was effectively dismissed by and fired from his role as Chairman-elect after failing to raise money for party candidates. Now, Debbie Brown will take Randy Ruedrich’s place, and the mess of Alaskan Republican Politics, is for now, cleared up! Frank McQueary has warning for future paulbots who try to mess with our party. “Political parties in the United States have broad powers to decide who will -- and will not -- be members.” In other words, we make our own rules, so shut up and go away if you don’t like it!

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