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Should you disclose a commercial secret for the sake of fighting terrorism?



Should you disclose a commercial secret for the sake of fighting terrorism?
Well I do think you should and even ought to! And now I’m going to do so.
In short – I live in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, and I work for Rezoni Printing Office. You see our printing office is unofficially controlled by Minister of the Interior Vano Merabishvili who is a close friend and political ally of our president Saakashvili. Well on the order of Merabishvili which he surely had got from Saakashvili we recently composed and printed an edition of the Inspire magazine in English, btw that’s why I understood everything that in it. Just in case you don’t know, the Inspire is the magazine of the Al Qaeda!! Well all the materials were taken somewhere (they say to Yemen) after we had finished the work. But I actually remember very well that the edition contained various callings – to kill infidels, to wage jihad against Americans, Europeans and all those who are fighting the war in Afghanistan and so on.
In other words we (workers of the printing office I mean) unknowingly became accomplices of the terrorists!!
Hell no I have got no right to keep it a secret but I can’t go to the police either - for rather apparent reasons I believe I will not live till the next morning after my visit to police. So I decided to post my message here. Hope those who have the authority will learn what I know and will stop the outrageous chaos in Georgia!
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