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Should we regulate Heroin/Opium to help stop terrorism?


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Jul 25, 2005
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I think we need to regulate Heroin/opium so we can help stop terrorism. Most opium comes from narco-terrorists. Which Bin Laden is classified as.

Fact: 87% of the world opium supply for heroin comes from Afghanistan

We need to strictly regulate heroin for addicts, rather than allow our own citizens to fund terrorism. Remember those commercials that linked drug use with terrorism in 2002? The government should do everything possible to keep us safe.

We could drastically cut down not only terrorism from foriegners but domestically as well. Gang violence would decrease because the heroin trade is so lucrative for criminals they have turf wars under the current system.

Every person who dies in a terrorist attack is dying because our government is allowing funds to go to terrorists that we could cut off. The drug and the demand itself create the market. So it wont ever go away, so we need to decide where people should get it from, terrorists, or pharmacists.
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