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Should gay couples be able to get married?

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Jul 12, 2010
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:peaceIn my opinion, gay couples get the same protection under laws enjoyed by married heterosexual couples for many reasons.

First, General protection under Thai laws. Thai people, with whether born or gender will be protection equality and males or females have equality rights. Second, Many countries have recognized homosexual marriage. Gay couples marriage currently legal in eight countries and in German law recognized the author of the gay couples. Finally, Law does not identify that gay couples cannot get married. Marriage happen to all genders. For example, George Takei and Brad Mal actor in Hollywood at marriage legally.

In conclusion, gay couples marriage is another of his choice under the constitution and international human rights and most importantly should have the right to choose their own lifestyle. What do you think about gay couples be able to get married?
I agree at all.I think, we should respect for their relationship in the community.because love is not limit with gender. And gay couples should get the same Social Security, tax and other federal benefits as married couples
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