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She's only donated $70,000 to veterans?

Actually, this makes a lot of sense. The sum above is a drop in the bucket, compared to all the money the Clintons have coming in under this massive scheme of theirs....as they launder money through Canada.

Their greed is so big, they want to keep as much as they can for themselves. It's a hell of a scheme they have going.
How much did you donate to veterans TC?
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton have donated $70,000 to veterans and military groups from their personal Clinton Family Foundation in recent years, according to public records.

Records: Hillary Clinton Has Donated $70,000 To Veterans - Breitbart

At least she didn't lie about how much she donated, then wrote the checks the day the news articles about the lie broke, and then insisted that despite hard-proof that the checks were written after
the falsity of her claims, reality was in fact otherwise.

(I'm talking about God Trump, btw).
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