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Jan 20, 2006
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As promised, here is the factual explanation for the existence of Dummycrats.

Initially we had Democrats and Whigs. Beginning in 1858 we had Democrats and
Republicans. Beginning in 1932 a few Democrats went bad and the result was
Dummycrats. Beginning in 1968 a few Rublicans went bad and the result was Moderates.

Both Democrats and Republicans know that the basic principle of the American
Constitution is the defense of and the advancement of individual liberty. Individual
liberty will result, ipso invideo ("as the night follows the day"), in the
accumulation of wealth. Wealth is property, both personal and real. Therefore, our
Constitution defends and advances individual liberty and property rights. Individual
liberty, as defined by the Constitution, means: "My rights stop at your nose and
yours at mine." Unless you're a Dummycrat or Moderate you'll immediately understand
that if you violate the principle of individual liberty the result will be one or
more of the following: anarchy, discrimination, slavery, socialism, poverty and

The greatest engine for the defense of and advancement of individual liberty and the
accumulation of wealth is capitalism. Capitalism is the result of competition
between people who have individual liberty. Capitalism, in other words, creates
winners and losers and the way we capitalists keep score is with money. We
capitalists know that the accumulation of wealth is not a zero sum game. In other
words, my accumulation of wealth is not done at your expense. Both you and I can
accumulate wealth without either of us taking from the other. In fact, the richer
you get, the better for me, because now I have a wealthier customer or employer and
I can trade my property or labor for a better price, which makes me richer. I like
JFK's expression of this principle: "A rising tide lifts all boats."

Democrats and Republicans both understand that income tax is a tax on labor and that
an excise tax is a tax on the use of personal property. Additionally both parties
fully understand that whatever you tax you will get less of. If you don't like
drinkin' and smokin' then tax alcohol and tobacco and you will get less of it. If
you violate the principle of individual liberty and outlaw drinkin' and smokin' you
get Prohibition and an underground economy. So if you tax labor with an income tax
you get less of it. Taxing labor results in socialism which is the antithesis of
capitalism. Socialism gives you welfare, the complete lack of labor.

Democrats and Republicans, true proponents of individual liberty and capitalism,
compete in the market place of ideas called "elections". There are winners and
losers and the result is we the people elect Statesmen. A Statesman will defend and
advance the cause of individual liberty and capitalism. Elect Statesmen and you get
Abe Lincoln and the 14th Amendment. Elect a politician and you get Jimmy Carter
and stagflation (a stagnant economy with inflation).

A rational person has a very difficult time coming to grips with the fact that
between 1776 and 1932 we went from electing Statesmen to electing, on occasion,
politicians. I know why this happened and I'll tell you: Inbreeding. Yep, earlier we
saw what inbreeding did for Europe. Now let's look at what it did to us.

When we started out we were all proponents of individual liberty and raging
capitalists and so we elected Statesmen. To be a Statesman you need to know a few
things: First, you need to know the proper use and development of force. In other
words, you need to know what the Armed Forces are and how to use them. If you know
that, then you know when and how to kick ass and take names so you can remain free.
Second, you need to know how to accumulate wealth using individual liberty within a
capitalist system. A Statesman interrupts his accumulation of wealth to become an
elected official for a limited period of time which he calls "Public Service". A
short period of public service fullfills your patriotic duty to serve your fellow
citizens, and is followed by a return to private life and the continued accumulation
of wealth. So, George went back to Mount Vernon to grow dope and distill whisky and
to play slap and tickle with Martha. Tom went back to Monticello to develop new
apples and corn and to play slap and tickle with Sally. Bill Clinton, a politician,
never had a home to go to, and, not having the stomach to play slap and tickle with
Hillary, continued raping and pilaging in New York. This is called "carpet-bagging".

We moved our capital around a lot in the beginning. This made it hard to get good
help to do the things a government has to do like write with quill pens on really
crummy paper called parchment, put the whale oil in the lamps, shovel out the
stables, and keep the President's temporay quarters tidy and good food on hand just
in case King George dropped in to apologize. Somebody came up with the idea of
having a permanent capital which people who wanted to do some public service could
go to, briefly, and then return to their farm and get richer. Mindful of what
happened in Europe, we were carefull not to pick a permanent site that was nice,
least people would not want to get the hell away from it after a brief stay. So we
picked a chunk of swamp in Maryland which is known as The District of Columbia to
the French, and known as Foggy Bottom to Americans.

Untill 1932 we elected Statesmen and hired government workers at starvation wages
and expected them to labor on our behalf, advancing liberty and encouraging
capitalism in a malaria infested swamp. As I said in a previous chapter, we
Americans are a fair and good hearted people, so when a person had done their duty
giving us public service for a short time, we said nice things about them, gave them
a medal, had a portrait of them made, sculpted a bust of them, named something after
them and then, we let them escape back to Illinois or Ohio and make a buck.

Enter the Bleeding Idiots of Europe. After we Americans got Europe settled down on
November 11, 1918 we went home to get richer. We figured the Euros would shake
hands, look at us, and like rational people, say to themselves and each other: "Hey!
Let's be like the Yanks!". Big mistake on our part. They did what they had been
doing for a thousand years, namely, committed economic suicide. The victors told the
losers to surrender their accumulated wealth, which they did. This led to a collapse
of the loser's economies which meant the victors didn't have paying customers and so
the victor's economies went in the dumper. With the collapse of the Euro's markets
we Yanks lost our customers and this resulted in 13.7% unemployment or about two and
a half times a healthy rate of unemployment.

For the first time in our history we elected a politician rather than a Statesman
and his name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. A Politian seeks to win elections rather
than advance individual liberty. A politian seeks to create socialism rather than
encourage capitalism because socialism creates dependency on the state. If you are
dependent on the state, you want the state to grow so it can give you more. If you
are dependent on no one you are a capitalist and take care of yourself. Let's be
factual and brief: Adolf Hitler, leader of the German National Socialist Party
(Nazi); Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Socialist Republic (Commie); Benito
Mussolini, leader of the Itallian National Socialist Party (Fasist); and Mao T'Sung,
leader of the Chinese Communist Party (Commie). Get the point?

Roosevelt created an alphabet soup of government agencies to provide every
imaginable product and service to Americans who could have done more and better for
themselves. Want electricity? How about TVA and REA? Want inflation? How about the
NLRB? Want retirement? How about Social Security? Let's throw in WPA, CCC, SEC, and
FDIC, FHA, and VA. Now you can live in a government house with a government
sponsored union job guaranteed to make your employer go bust or to a third world
country. Don't worry, we've got you covered with welfare and unemployment
compensation. The government agencies needed people to run them. Roosevelt rounded
up every failed human being with multiple personality disorders in America, brought
them to Washington, and called them "Bureaucrats". It didn't work, of course, and
The Great Depression got worse every day of every month.

If you are a Washington D.C. socialist, you've got a really dim future. No
worthwhile person will have anything to do with you. Let's face it. You can't
complete so you have to pretend to work at a government job, you're not very bright
because you don't learn from experience, and you're really lazy. Real Americans know
that without brains and balls you're worth nothing to yourself or others. You can
only associate with other Foggy Bottom dwellers and that means your prospects for
finding a mate are limited to other Foggy Bottoms. Eventually your choice gets down
to Cousin A or Cousin B. When two Foggy Bottoms collide a tragic result is produced
and we call that mistake of nature a "Dummycrat".

Let's be factual and fair in evaluating the Dummycrat administration of Foggy Bottom


And what does this have to do with sexual preference OR abortion? Wrong sort of title for this thread, and it's in the wrong section.
So, JDP, you are saying we should have MORE abortions because of sexual preference! Whatever.
He's a spammer. don't bother. bad post was sent to the mods. same one is in 4 other DP forums.

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