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Seven Empty Promises About ObamaCare

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The bill passed, but the case didn’t take. Since Obama signed the bill into law, its unpopularity has, according to Pollster.com’s multi-poll aggregate, held steady, with roughly 48 percent of the public opposed. Liberal health care activists trying to sell the law and help its supporters in Congress have been forced to backtrack on their messaging—and in some cases, have found that their best strategy is to avoid mentioning the law at all. Now, the Obama administration and its allies are launching a multimillion dollar ad campaign intended to sell the public on the law’s virtues.

Anyone here wanna tell me with a straight face that this cluster**** called health care isnt going to **** me over?

Seven Empty Promises About ObamaCare - Reason Magazine
I could, but the only reason I'd do it was to mess with your head. This healthcare reform is going to screw everyone over, except the insurance industry.
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