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Senate Staffer Beaten With Baseball Bat


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Aug 27, 2005
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Emilia DiSanto, who is the chief investigator for Senator Chuck Grassley's Finance Committee, was visciously beaten with a baseball bat. The FBI has been called in, and their investigation is assuming that DiSanto's beating was work-related. The Finance committee has been doing its own investigation of Jack Abramoff, and the FBI is not ruling out retaliation by someone connected to Abramoff. 2 days after the beating, a bomb threat was phoned into a veteran's group home where Grassley was scheduled to speak.

It appears that Grassley must be getting close to something, and someone wants him to back off.

Article is here.
I'm confused as to why they think the bomb threat is unrelated? I don't think many people phone in bomb threats to veterans homes.

No evidence has surfaced that definitively points to DiSanto’s work on the Finance Committee as the trigger for the attack, but sources say there are a number of clues that suggest it could be.
Some guy just randomly chose to wait outside her house and beat her up? It doesn't make sense.
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