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Senate Race Update (through 8/29)

The New Map is here:

Additional notes:
  • Demings (D-FL) pulled even with Rubio (R-FL) at the beginning of August.
  • Walker leads in the GA race.
  • Kansas comes online and is a solid R.
  • Val Demings (D-FL) briefly took the lead over Rubio (R-FL) at +4 before Rubio led by double digits again.
  • Wisconsin is now solidifying for the Democrats.
  • North Carolina becomes a toss-up.
  • Ohio has only gone Republican when Republican-sponsored polls have been taken
  • Nevada becomes a leaning R thanks to a Trafalgar Group poll
  • If you add in California and Oregon (which do not have polls yet) and flip Maryland to (D) because of a poll that showed the Governor winning the Senate seat, Democrats have 51 seats and the majority.

Coming up:
In September, I will release my first model for the House, Governors, and Senate alongside the official map.

I will release maps and models weekly in October and daily going into Election Day.

Starting at the end of September, I will use only one thread for the Senate, House, and Gubernatorial races.
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