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Senate candidate uses "Old Spice Guy" style aid, looks ridiculous and loses primary


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Jul 26, 2009
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Ft. Campbell, KY
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So some guy who was trying to win the Democratic Senate primary in Vermont created an ad in the style of the "Old Spice Guy" commercials. I'd research more on the guy's positions but he lost with his opponent gaining 89% of the votes, so who cares. Regardless I would have voted from him if I was from Vermont and he promised to deliver all his address to the Senate in the same style.

"Whats in your hand, I have it, its my proposed amendment to this bill, back at me, now look to your right, here's my chart explaining my position, now Mr. Speaker back at me, I yield the rest of my time." Then he rides back to his side on top of a man in a cow suit.

Re: Senate candidate uses "Old Spice Guy" style aid, looks ridiculous and loses prima

That idiot deserves to lose. I don't care if I agree with everything I believes or not (not sure, haven't looked up the guy up).
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