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Second departure at FDA & political appointees in the last week or so


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Second departure at FDA communications shop comes in less than a week - CNNPolitics

Second departure at FDA & political appointees in the last week or so

Must be a virus or such

CNN)There has been a second departure within the communications team at the Food and Drug Administration in less than a week, CNN has learned, leaving the office with fewer press officials as their agency is in the national spotlight.

John "Wolf" Wagner had been in his role at the FDA for only two months but has now moved to the office of the Health and Human Services assistant secretary for preparedness and response, an official confirmed. Wagner is a political appointee who was installed at the FDA by the White House this summer after recently serving as the principal deputy assistant secretary at Veterans Affairs.

"After consulting with HHS leadership and White House personnel, we asked John Wagner to step in to support communications in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response," Michael Caputo, a Health and Human Services spokesman, told CNN in a statement. "ASPR has a critical role in the COVID--19 response, including OWS (Operation Warp Speed) activities, as well as hurricane preparedness and response. Mr. Wagner's career military background will prove invaluable to these efforts."
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