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Scott Pruitt has ruined the EPA

Scott Pruitt has destroyed the EPA as scientists feel useless

Scott Pruitt is no fan of scientific based evidence. I think it was clear after he updated the EPA's climate change page to "this page is being updated." Years of scientific based research has been eliminated to reflect the views of the far-right, which is to discredit science based evidence of climate change.

It is no surprise that Donald Trump picked Mr. Pruitt as administrator of the agency. Mr. Trump himself was a climate change denier, stating it is propaganda made up by the Chinese. He even withdrew the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, which was a major step backward for scientists. Mr. Pruitt has long had the same stances as Trump, but has no background in climate science at all... in fact, he served as Attorney General for Oklahoma, which I do not believe has any relation whatsoever to climatology. But to Trump, hes a winner. Not one of the hundreds of scientists who have put years of efforts into the agency.

Fun fact for everyone. Do you know what state has had the most earthquakes, second only to Alaska? Nope, it's not California, it's Oklahoma, a state that has suffered a significant increase in seismic activity due to fracking and oil extraction. Both scientific evidence and the US Geological Survey have warned that this was the reason, yet, Scott Pruitt, then Attorney General of the state denied this was the case. But his friends just so happened to be people working in the extracting business, so there is no surprise he went against the findings and dismissed them. Great job Mr. Pruitt, you put the safety of Oklahoman's after your deep pockets. You did that to Oklahoma, and now you are doing it to the rest of the country. Stop spending our money like its nothing and do your job, which is to accomplish one thing, protect our environment, and let science do its job, our health depends on it, as for our environment, hence the "Environmental Protection Agency."
"Ruined the EPA" - exactly what one would say to secure more funding :p
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