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SCO leaders pledge commitment to Fair World Order

Dec 3, 2005
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St.gallen, Switzerland
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SCO leaders pledge commitment to Fair World Order

www.chinaview.cn 2005-07-06 02:01:45

ASTANA, Kazakhstan, July 5 (Xinhuanet) -- Leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Tuesday pledged their commitment to a fair and rational world order.

Multilateral cooperation based on equality and mutual respect, non-interference in internal affairs of sovereign states, non-confrontation thinking and progressive movement toward democratization in international relations promote global peace and security, said a declaration of the leaders.

The leaders call upon the international community to go beyond the scope of ideology and different social systems, so as to create a new security concept based on mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination.

Diversity of cultures and civilizations in the world is a common human asset, and the right of all peoples to their own path of development should be fully respected, says the declaration.

The heads of state are convinced that a fair and rational worldorder should be based on strengthened mutual trust and good-neighborliness and on the establishment of a genuine partnership free from any claims to monopoly or dominance in international affairs, says the document.

They support necessary reforms of the United Nations to boost its efficiency and ensure its authority. However, it is essential to follow the principle of most broadly-based consensus through consultations, says the declaration. No deadline should be set and there should be no rush to voting on any draft proposal that lack consensus.

The leaders believe that the Asia-Pacific region will play an important role in securing global peace and development in the 21st century and that differences or disputes in the region should be solved peacefully through negotiations.

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