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Schwarzenegger Provokes Anger With 'Girlie-Men' Remark


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May 19, 2004
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Source: VOANews

Some California legislators are angry with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger after he referred to them as "girlie-men" during a speech on Saturday.

The movie star-turned-politican used the term to describe opposition Democrats he said who are too weak to stand up to unions and trial lawyers demanding changes in the governor's state budget proposal.

The phrase comes from an old television comedy routine where two Schwarzengger-like bodybuilders use it to mock those who lack their bulging muscles.

Several Democratic lawmakers say the remark was insulting to women and homosexuals. State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez said the comment was "beneath the governor."

But a Schwarzenegger spokesman says the comment was the governor's way of saying that legislators are "wimps" (weaklings) by giving into special interest groups.

Arnold is asking the voters to terminate the girlie men come election day. Sounds good to me. The CA legislature is a serious problem for the golden state. Gray Davis was not the only one to blame for CA finacial crisis the legislature should be held accountable also. they have been scheduled for termination.
Despite my non approval for Arnold, I agree with him using the term girlie-men. My daughters of 4 and 1 1/2 years old are offended because he refers to sissie as girlie. He should refer to them as "Mo's" that they are.
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