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Schwarzenegger mobilizes National Guard to border

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Mar 22, 2010
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday mobilized members of the California National Guard as part of a federal effort to deter drug trafficking and illegal immigration along the border with Mexico.
His order supports President Barack Obama's plan to have 1,200 National Guard troops assist with federal border protection, customs and immigration agents.
The move comes amid a national debate over an Arizona law that directs police to conduct immigration checks when they are questioning people about possible legal violations. There must be a "reasonable suspicion" the person is in the country illegally.
Obama asked California to deploy 224 Guard members for as long as a year, but California National Guard spokesman Lt. Patrick Bagley said as many as 260 soldiers and airmen will head to the border by Oct. 1.
The higher number is because California has more members qualified to perform the specific duties needed to support federal border protection, customs and immigration agents, Bagley said. The number and assignments resulted from talks with officials in other states and the federal government.
The California soldiers and airmen — all of whom have volunteered for the mission — will be selected by mid-August. They will get up to three weeks of training in August or September, expanding on routine training they already receive.
California is responsible for its entire border with Mexico, but Bagley said the Guard members will be assigned to specific locations as needed based on discussions with federal officials.
It's the second time Schwarzenegger has ordered Guard members to the border. He backed a similar federal effort in June 2006. Guard members will be based in many of the same armories they used the last time, Bagley said.
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The Associated Press: Schwarzenegger mobilizes National Guard to border
It will be interesting to see if the Guard are actual "boots on the ground", or just supporting by providing intelligence information. Wonder how CA is going to pay for it with fed dollars or state dollars.
Most likely the national guard will be nothing more than paid minutemen. In otherwords they will have no authority to arrest,detain or prevent illegal crossing,maybe they will put up fence and report any sightings of illegal crossings to the border patrol while hoping that the border patrol has enough man power to send enough agents over to the reported location. Basically the minutemen were already doing that stuff for free. I am sure Hoplite will utter some nonsense about a law meant to appease whinny southerners who lost the civil war such as the Posse Comitatus Act and how actually using the military would be in violation of that. Laws can be amended.

With all that said I am sure Schwarzenegger will change his mind once the pro-illegals and illegals whose salad he was tossing think that his tongue is not in deep enough. Because he once claimed to want to get tough on illegal immigration but like an old golfer he lost his balls in order to appease the illegals and pro-illegals.
Im a little irritated that this is a priority when we're selling off our libraries to private companies for lack of funding.
Im a little irritated that this is a priority when we're selling off our libraries to private companies for lack of funding.

The marxist/socialist obama regime ordered up the NG in mexifornia and therefore fed funds should be used. Any effort that reduces illegal immigration, by the way, is a big cost saving. A temporary cost for the NG to keep out unwanted uninvited illegal border jumpers more than offsets the costs that illegals and their baggage incur until they can be deported.
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