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Scheduled Maintenance Notice - Oct 31 12am-2am


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May 19, 2004
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FYI, our ISP will be performing upgrades and we may experience down time. After that our normally scheduled backups will also kick-in which will result in a few more minutes of slow and dropped connections after 2am EDT.

Scheduled Date and Time:
Sunday, October 31, 12:01AM EDT lasting through 2:00 AM EDT

Maintenance Type:
Our Network Administrators will be performing upgrades to our distribution links and updating the configuration of our Cisco hardware.

Estimated Downtime:
We will make every effort to expedite the maintenance in order to minimize your downtime. While we can only estimate the amount of actual downtime that may occur, it would only last for up to the duration for which the maintenance is scheduled. Types of issues that you may notice would be increased latency and/or short periods of timeouts and disconnects.
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