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Scary Google Synch.


There I was, August 6th, enjoying a nice day with my kids, before I left for work at 3pm. I returned home at 130 am, hopped on the old PC and noticed "Something... something is not right here." So a few days of trying to figure out it, I discovered why, when I clicked a link or opened a window hell did anything my websites didn't POP into existence. They took 5-15 seconds to appear. "conduit.search" and it's "toolbar" appriobo? I think that was it, had been installed on my pc. Hmmm.... little digging and I see a time date stamp... 426pm 06Aug12. I wasn't home, wife wasn't home.... yes, dear readers, my children had been on, against the rules, and infected my precious pc with internet std's.

I spent the next few hours reading up on my foe, and trying to defeat it. Thought I had. Sadly, failure. This morning, before work, again the net is slow. It was back. I relented to the angry webgods and pulled out WINDOWS 7 64 bit pro install disk, and purged all trace of this viciousness from my pc. Also, websites, links, pass words, porn stash, games, saved games, various programs and of course, code rot.

Along comes Google Chrome, my browser of choice due to it's speed, not because I like google per say, to be honest, I don't. I recall not long ago, "synching" my google account. I didn't really think about it. Tonight, as I sit eating, I hit D, for Drudgereport, because I had visited there once earlier, and didn't pay attention. It filled in "debatepolitics". A site I haven't hit in a very long time. "The hells" I thought, "This isn't drudge... hmmm, it's not a favorite... why is this here?" (BTW all my bookmarks were restored, much to my surprise) but what bothered me, was that the user name and pw were filled in. Beckoning me to post.

So that is the tale of why I was on tonight, and why this blog is here, written so. I am amused, tired, annoyed and a little frightened.

Google is scary.


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Dec 23, 2009
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did you know tthat google uses 236 mbs of memory space? It is a memory hog and a control freak.
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