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Saul Alinsky's caravans.


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Oct 27, 2014
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While Americans witness massive caravans of Central Americans encroaching on their borders, the genius of Saul Alinsky cannot be overstated. The man who stated that Lucifer was the world’s first radical went on to author “Rules for Radicals” which was a handbook on how to take down a functioning civilization. One of his major disciples, Hillary Clinton, was nearly elected president of the United States.

But as he looks up from the depths of Hell which he often stated was his preferred final destination, his greatest achievement and proudest claim would likely be the destruction of American sovereignty as its southern border struggles to endure a politically inspired blitzkrieg of foreign interlopers.

In the age of collusion only Americans who live in remote caves haven’t figured out that these caravans are almost certainly the handiwork of a coalition consisting of anti-border republicans, democrats and Soros funded groups that have formed and unholy alliance to take down the current administration. It’s Saul Alinsky 101.

Alinsky preached in his handbook that you brand opposition to your views as the enemy and rally your side against it in collective actions. Republicans that want cheap labor and Democrats that want automatic votes are the domestic bedfellows on the inside that want to weaken the castle walls. The unanticipated election of Donald Trump and his unpredictability as a leader produces a mix of fear and anger among the formerly comfortable elitist status quo and they have joined forces as they attempt a coupe to restore their lost glory.

These caravans are just the latest installment in the assault on the current administration that has already been hit with a contaminated Department of Justice along with a corrupted FBI. They realize that the whole ball of wax is at stake and the destruction of the republic is a price they are willing to pay. There are no placards with Alinsky’s name on them in the approaching hordes but there should be because they fully intend to win or destroy us in the process.

As with violent conflict between Israeli’s and Palestinians or Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland, we can look forward to women and children being mustered to the front and used as human shields when the border-rushing attacks begin in earnest. That would be the Alinsky way as the president is smeared with accusations of unspeakable cruelty.

How the hell did people get this stupid?
Glenn Beck wants his schtick back.
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