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Saudi: 'We'll support Hamas' - get bombed!


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Dec 14, 2005
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Saudi has rejected to join the U.S. in not financially supporting/funding the new HAMAS (terrorist) goverment due to their insistance that Israel must be totally destoyed.

I couldn't help smile a little and think how ironic it is that Saudi has promised to help fund the new (terrorist) goverment of HAMAS.....and they - Saudi - have just had one of their oil refineries bombed by terrorists this morning! :doh
Pookie said:
Here's a link to the news story about that, apparently it was an Al-Qaida attack.



Welcome Pookie...

The only thing those terrorists groups care about it their own self interests.
Power/Brainwash/Control. Islam is just a way to get it...
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