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Saudi Foreign Minister politely calls BS on Iranian Minister


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Sep 13, 2012
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This has to be the most polite way I have ever seen anyone call BS on another person, even in a political international relations meeting.

Basically, the video starts with the Iranian Minister talking and telling everyone how peaceful, loving, and friendly Iran is to all its neighbors and the world and how he can't understand why they get such a bad rap, and when he finally stops talking, the Saudi Foreign Minister (used to be the Saudi Ambassador to the US) says, and I'm paraphrasing - "Oh really? Well, what about ..." and then he goes through this long and detailed list of Iran's transgressions in the region.

It was a thing of beauty:

while i might quibble with his rejoinder, he was quite smooth and VERY prepared for his rebuttal
My English captions said," the idea that Iran has ties to Al-Qaeda is completely a George. " Are my captions making Freudian slips now?
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