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Sammy Watkins suffers small broken bone in foot

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[h=1]Sammy Watkins suffers small broken bone in foot[/h]

May has not been kind to the Buffalo Bills.
The team announced on Monday that their first-round pick Shaq Lawson could miss nearly half the season with a right shoulder injury that requires surgery. To make matters worse, Buffalo's top wide receiver is now shelved.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Monday thatSammy Watkins suffered a broken small bone in his foot and had a screw inserted, per a source informed of the situation. Rapoport noted that the surgery took place more than three weeks ago. The silver lining for Bills brass is that Watkins is expected to be available for training camp. His injury and timeline mirrors the situation facing Julian Edelman, whorecently underwent minor surgery on his left foot to reinsert a screw from a past procedure.
Watkins' availability for training camp figures to be an optimistic timeline for the star wideout. Doctors usually proceed with caution when it involves foot injuries, especially for a skill position like wide receiver. The pass catcher's injury shouldn't ring alarms in Buffalo, but it's not a positive start to the Bills' offseason programs.
Watkins led Buffalo with 60 catches for 1,047 receiving yards and nine touchdowns last season. He missed three games due to ankle and calf injuries. The Bills ranked No. 28 in passing offense in 2015. His injury could be deemed as an opportunity to other wide receivers on the roster to gain reps to help pick up the team's passing attack

I wonder if the screw they inserted came from his head? No word on the cause. You gotta wonder though. This could be a problem long term...

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