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Same Sex Marriage

Why this is even a political issue boggles my mind. Separation of church and state ring a bell? The only arguments against same sex marriage I have heard are religious based. It is OK to be religious, but do not preach those beliefs, or try to force me to follow those beliefs. Marriage is legal in this country, why should it matter what gender it is, outside of religion? If anyone can give me an honest answer I'd love to hear it. Maybe something about morals, that seems to be a good one if you can keep religion out of it. However I will argue how is same sex marriage affecting a traditional marriage? It's not. How is it affecting you? It's not, unless you are one of the same sex couples who wishes to be married, then it affects you positively. If you do not want same sex marriage legal, then lets ban all marriages to make it truly fair across the board.

Again I welcome all thoughts and replies.
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