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Saakashvili, Gimpu to invite Lukashenko to GUAM http://euroradio.fm/en/1309/news/5171



Saakashvili, Gimpu to invite Lukashenko to GUAM
Saakashvili, Gimpu to invite Lukashenka to GUAM?

It seems to be true that Georgian president Saakashvili is somewhat deranged. Why the hell is he dragging dictatorial and poverty-struck Belarus into the GUAM? In terms of economy Minsk will not help strengthen the organization in any way. If only it’s all about politics... just to create something like a club of “the offended and humiliated by Russia”... Actually it’s highly unlikely that the members of the club will benefit anything from it now when the economic crisis is still in a swing and sound pragmatism aimed at economic survival is usually demanded from a country’s leader. To top it all the friendship with ‘the last dictator of Europe’ will surely not improve Saakashvili’s reputation which is in fact far from being spotless. So imho this idea of Saakashvili to strengthen GUAM by means of Belarus is absolutely hopeless and rather foolish.
See in the near future Ukraine may well leave the organization and Azerbaijan may also follow suit. What for does Baku need such ‘allies’ whom it supplies with its oil and gas practically all for naught and therefore keeps their economy and in fact power afloat while getting absolutely nothing in return?
As such removing the two (U and A) letters from GUAM we get only GM, which will surely please many Detroit’s lawyers who will not hesitate to file a law suit against Saakashvili and Gimpu))).
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