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Saakashvili’s madness is infective!


Oct 22, 2010
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Leaders of Georgian opposition think that heads of Georgia and Azerbaijan are the dictatorial tandem that oppresses their nation! In the course of independent investigation it became known that ethnic Azerbaijanis who live in Georgia forced to vote for Saakashvili by order of Aliev, otherways he could cut off escape routes for them!
Azerbaijanis are between a rock and a hard place, between Saakashvili’s oppression and Aliev’s requirements! By this way tyrants support each other and keep their power. Nothing new, the power can get them what ever they want and money first of all, money rolls the world! But millions people live under suppression of tyranny doesn’t know what to do, they don’t live, they just exist! And the world observes it and keeps silent. Do we grow a new Nazi?
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