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Russia's Casual Savagery (1 Viewer)


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Dec 13, 2015
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From The Times here: Russia’s casual savagery is seared into its soul


The absence of a historical reckoning with the evils of Stalinism has spawned a people who believe brutality works

It was all western propaganda that Russia was about to invade Ukraine. It was all western propaganda, once the invasion had begun, to call it an “invasion”. It was all western propaganda that the ebbing Russian tide revealed the summary killing and torture of civilians and looting.

Yet for all our “propaganda” no one has been more surprised than the West. “Terrible things happen in war”, of course. We have only to think of the family in Kabul obliterated last summer by an American drone strike because they had been mistaken for terrorists planning an attack on the airport. But even so there has been a particular quality to the behaviour of Russian troops in Ukraine.

"A particularly cruel quality" to Russian troop behavior. And animalistic in nature.

The country has gone bonkers, which is why Putin - a thoroughly dishonest person - is running the country. He is thus able to start wars and convince soldiers that "rape" is a decent war-weapon.

Russia has gone off the deep-end. And wont be coming back for quite some time. It will likely be impossible for the country to assimilate the deep reduction in oil-bearing income from sales abroad. The country must inevitably flip into an absolute economic depression. And, without the oil-money, it will be difficult for Russia to finance its army and its penchant for annihilating wars.

The real victims are of course the Ukrainians who did nothing to deserve Putin's ravaging of their country - and I would add also those Russians who think their country deserves better than what it has today.

Meet Russia's oligarchs here: Meet Russia's Oligarchs

Oligarchs, in the Russian context, are the ultrawealthy business elites with disproportionate political power. They emerged in two distinct waves.

The first group emerged out of the privatization of the 1990s, particularly the all-cash sales of the largest state-owned enterprises after 1995. This process was marred by significant corruption, culminating in the infamous “loans for shares” scheme, which transferred stakes in 12 large natural resource companies from the government to select tycoons in exchange for loans intended to shore up the federal budget.

The government intentionally defaulted on its loans, allowing its creditors – the oligarchs-to-be – to auction off the stakes in giant companies such as Yukos, Lukoil and Norilsk Nickel, typically to themselves. In essence, then-President Boris Yeltsin’s administration appeared to enrich a small group of tycoons by selling off the most valuable parts of the Soviet economy at a hefty discount.

After Putin came to power in 2000, he facilitated the second wave of oligarchs via state contracts. Private suppliers in many sectors such as infrastructure, defense and health care would overcharge the government at prices many times the market rate, offering kickbacks to the state officials involved. Thus, Putin enriched a new legion of oligarchs who owed their enormous fortunes to him.

Wow .... !

Now ask yourself why they are committing massive suicides? See here: Russian Oligarch Deaths In Strange Circumstances


Last week, two more Russian oligarchs were found dead alongside their families within 48 hours of each other in alleged murder-suicides. They’re the latest of a series of high-profile Russians to die in mysterious circumstances in recent months.
It’s not the first time there have been reports about Russian officials dying suspiciously, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has long been known to take extreme measures to silence his opponents. In 2017, USA TODAY published an investigative report detailing at least 38 oligarchs who died or went missing over a three-year span.

In the early months of 2022, at least six prominent members of Russia’s upper class have been found dead under strange conditions.
Wow .... !
Yes, wow!

I do not think that many Americans would dare use words like "savagery" and "animalistic" to describe the Russians.

They would be accused of stereotyping.
Now ask yourself why they are committing massive suicides? See here: Russian Oligarch Deaths In Strange Circumstances

the mongol savagery wont work this time, you know why ? cos of its demography

Great News ! "russian "( real names ulus juchi, Muscovy, golden horde, Tartary ) empire is dying out, projected population decline, according to RBC, this year will be 11 times more than in 2019. the country will decrease by 352 thousand people. These data are underestimated and in reality it is even worse, ”demographer Alexei Raksha told Echo Moskvy.

The echo of the war and the collapse of the Union - this is how the demographic crisis after Vladimir Putin's many years in power was explained by his press secretary Dmitry Peskov. Peskov added that now there are few women in our country who could give birth to children.

Historian and publicist Nikolai Svanidze said on the air of Ekho Moskvy that Soviet repressions, as well as the current policy of the authorities, contributed to the current situation. Nikolai Svanidze added that such a high percentage of poverty and misery, as in Russia, does not contribute to a high birth rate.
The current situation testifies to the failure of the government’s demographic policy, ”Aleksey Kurinny, a member of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, a Communist Party deputy, told Echo Moskvy. “This is a very difficult situation. Over the past 10 years, this is the worst indicator, which testifies, among other things, to the failure of the government's demographic policy, ”he said. From the point of view of the deputy, "this is an indicator of the ineffectiveness of the measures taken today." "Plus, this was superimposed on the adverse events associated with the coronavirus," added Kurinny.

In turn, Tatyana Solomatina, a member of the State Duma Health Protection Committee from United Russia, told Echo that she needed to strengthen measures to support families and promote a healthy lifestyle. “The fact that the state has begun to support women who have given birth to their first child is a big step forward. It would be possible to expand this program and somehow support families that have given birth to three or more children. Here, payments should be increased for each subsequent child, ”she said. Tatyana Solomatina added that the current demographic failure is associated with a decline in the birth rate in the 90s.

I WROTE IT YEARS AGO : as i said many times khan Juchi project is finished , AND finally the ugly , barbaric, bloody, anti - democratic, homophobic, cavemen will stop terrorize the civilization


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Yes, wow!

I do not think that many Americans would dare use words like "savagery" and "animalistic" to describe the Russians.

They would be accused of stereotyping.

Rape is a universal problem. And, factually, the rape-rate of Russia vs the US (2022) look like this:
United States:
Rate: 27.31
Incidents: 84,767
Data Year: 2010

Rate: 3.43
Incidents: 4,907
Data Year: 2010

Comparative rates:
*About 8-times more rape in the US than in Russia!
*For other mathematical comparisons of crime-rates between the two countries, go here: "
Comparative Crime-rates, Russia and the US"
*See the murder rate comparison between the two countries: Intentional homicide rate - Russia ranked 21st. 3 times more than United States

No stereotyping here - just factual arithmetic numbers ...
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