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Russian planemakers eye global markets


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Jun 1, 2006
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BBC News - Russian planemakers eye global markets

Quote(Desperate to shed its Soviet Union image as a manufacturer of clunky airliners, Russia is eager to become a significant player in the global civil aviation market.

So is this lofty goal achievable?)

Perhaps it may become achievable, but only after people are able to forget the quite large number of Russian aircraft that have a habit of falling out of the sky.

Having traveled on Russian aircraft (unwillingly I hasten to add, but the only other form of transport was shanks's pony) and experiencing the discomfort of Russian built aircraft, I would not willingly travel in one of their aircraft again.
First of all if they have a reputation for falling out of the sky its not necessarily the designers fault but the third world maintenance. Secondly, Russians are not a comfort minded industry. I have no doubt they could make a good plane. But something that could take the place of an airbus or boeing. Not so sure. Dont know though, I dont know how the aerospace industry works.
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