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Russian opposition activist: Trump is Putin's 'best hope'

Rogue Valley

Nikhto krim nas
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Apr 18, 2013
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Russian opposition activist: Trump is Putin's 'best hope'

Entirely argumentative with little substance. As it assumes that Hillary would have some success in some regard against Putin's "dictatorial regime," and more importantly that Hillary means more to Democracy than Trump does. Considering Trump's fascist like statements, that does not mean that Hillary is all of a sudden some beacon of the people of America. She is also a flip-flopper, she is also aristocratic, she is also a DC insider and power broker, and she is also just as likely to keep this renewed "Cold War" going with Putin as Trump is. It is doubtful that Trump would be so bold as to punish the EU and invite Putin aggression to capitalize, regardless of Trump's comments about holding EU nations to his terms.
I like Putin and see him as a reasonable, patriotic Russian doing great things for his Nation. I think the USA has re-ignited the Cold War to promote a PR Narrative to manitain heavy spending on war making industries to continue a policy of Global Hegemony a/k/a, the NWO. I'm definitely not a fan or supporter of the NWO. It is just another name for fascist imperialism, and this time using blatantly the Big Reserve Banks to attempt Worldwide control of all economic policies. I don't want to take over the World and neither does my neighbor. Is this the only option to prevent US Dollar debt from collapsing the USA economy? Is that the right question? The fact that Trump wants to communicate with one of the most powerful leaders on the planet shows that Trump might have some logical good judgement. Putin is an obstacle to the NWO and that is why he is demonized by the controlled US Mass Media.
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