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Russian officials and submarine conspiracy


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Apr 9, 2005
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kiev Ua
Few days ago I’ve posted my message for topic: Crazy Theories.
Part of my story was that Russian submarine has been occasionally crashed with American submarine “Memphis”.
Leaving in Ukraine, I have a chance to watch Russian TV.
Now, I’m watching Russian documentary, released by RTR (governmental) channel and produced by the plot written by Russian Attorney General Mr. Ustinov.
I’ve been surprised that they were supporting the theory of accident with “Memphis”.
Moreover, There are some rumours appear in Russian internet, that there were two American submarines “Memphis”, and another one, called “Toledo”. They say that wile “Memphis” crashed with “Kursk”, “Toledo” scared with the accident, shot Russian submarine with torpedo.
Thus, popular Russian conspiracy theory is becoming to be an opinion of high ranking Russian officials.
Considering growing of anti-American as well as ant-EU cold world stile propaganda spared by state controlled Russian media we can expect a grate crush in political relations between Russia and West. Possibly, it might start with military attack of one post-soviet state (probably Georgia), or official support for Iranian nuclear programme.
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