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Russian Love and European Love


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Jan 28, 2005
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Looks like the Putin is dening and the US any love over Iran at the minute, looks like he's going to sell them nuclear fuel. Seriously who is America's allies over Iran at the minute?? I suppose you shouldn't worry, Blair is probably cleaning his mouth for some ass kissing.


I find it funny after all the rhetoric during Iraq about Europe being soft, looks like Europe might be the ones getting their asses kissed.
Even Rummysfeld appeared in German Parliament, saying how great Germany is and their amazing relationship is unbreakable. Questioned about the "Old Europe" thing Rummysfeld said "That was the old Rumsfeld, this is the new one." as he put on a pair of shades. LOL Full 180 degrees there!

Love us or hate us and maybe you won't admit this, but politically America needs Europe. They tried to do it without Europe in Iraq and now even Bush wants to mend fences. I guess alot as changed since the "your either with us, or against us" slogan.


My 2 pennies.
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