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Russian invasion -- fake images and videos on social media


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Jun 20, 2008
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As anybody who's familiar with my posting history will know, I have reposted an extremely large number of tweets from Ukrainian sources on updates from the war. Up til now, I, as well as a large number of other posters, have gotten through this relatively unscatched despite the potential for getting egg on our faces. The reason for this is because there appears to be a glaring difference between the kinds of inaccuracies from Ukrainian and Russian sources: the former stems from "fog of war" situations (the assumption that the soldiers at Snake Island were killed after Ukrainian Defense lost contact with them), and the latter creates big, blatant, stupid lies (Russia isn't going to invade Ukraine, there is no war, Ukrainians are shelling their own cities, the dead civilians are crisis actors, etc.).

Still, even though the big stupid lies and fabrications are coming almost exclusively from the Russians, it's always a good idea to remember that if it's really real, it'll be reported by NATO, the United States, and real news outlets like the NYTimes, the Washington Post, DW News and France 24 English (to name a few). These sources have invariably verified Ukrainian claims, but you can never be too safe.

This video features an amazing fact check of fake Russian propaganda images and videos you may have seen and believed yourself.

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