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Russian Instagram users warned just hours before Kremlin shut down platform at midnight

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Apr 18, 2013
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Russian Instagram users warned just hours before Kremlin shut down platform at midnight


Russia's state communications regulator, Roskomnadzor, warned Instagram users about the government's initial plans to remove the popular social media app at midnight on Sunday, according to Reuters. Roskomnadzor announced in an emailed statement on Friday that Instagram will be prohibited to use in the country, giving its users two days to clear all of their photos and data from the app. Roskomnadzor also encouraged residents to use the country's own "competitive internet platforms" as an alternative to the Instagram ban, Reuters reported. Roskomnadzor noted that the Instagram ban will affect 80 million users. The state communication regulator had already banned Facebook usage as well, CNN reported.

Since beginning its invasion of Ukraine last month, Russia's government has reportedly ended broadcasting for Russia's opposition-oriented radio and television networks in an effort to control the narrative of the ongoing conflict, The Post reported. Popular Russian Instagram users expressed their displeasure of their government prohibiting the use of the social media app in the country, The Post noted. "You'll soon meet my alter-ego," Russian social media influencer Oksana Samoylova wrote in a Telegram post. "Not really my alter-ego, actually, you'll just get to know me much closer, because there I can be much, much more open."

The Putin regime is shutting down all media in Russia where the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine can be raised.

Even mentioning the word 'war' in Russia today can have you arrested with a possible 15 year prison sentence.

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