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Russian hackers impersonate U.S. officials to infect computers with malware: reseachers

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Mar 7, 2018
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From the CBC

Russian hackers impersonate U.S. officials to infect computers with malware: reseachers

Hackers linked to the Russian government are impersonating U.S. State Department employees in an operation aimed at infecting computers of U.S. government agencies, think-tanks and businesses, two cybersecurity firms told Reuters.

The operation, which began on Wednesday, suggests Russia is keen to resume an aggressive campaign of attacks on U.S. targets after a lull going into the Nov. 6 U.S. midterm election in which Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives, according to CrowdStrike and FireEye Inc.

U.S. intelligence agencies have charged that Russia was behind a string of hacks in the 2016 presidential campaign in a bid to boost support for Donald Trump. The U.S. government and private cybersecurity firms have said Russia was not behind hacking campaigns in this month's congressional elections.

In the newly discovered operation, hackers linked to the Russian government sent emails purporting to come from State Department public affairs specialist Susan Stevenson, according to a sample phishing email reviewed by Reuters.


Not found on American media sources so it must be fake news - right?
How about it is CIA counterfeit hacking using the "Vault 7" cyber tools. Cyber misinformation is left to be discovered in the code that allegedely identifies the coders, but is a genuine red herring to decieve the cyber investigators. Translation: you can't trust any concrete allegatios against cyber hackers because they could be anybody using these tools. P.S. This is why the USA/CIA is so pissed at Assange. He revealed the "Vault 7" tools. Assange shold get a medal. He represents the hero of investigative reporting and the USA hates the truth escaping, anywhere, apparently. I mean, don't ya' know, truth has to be massaged to control the message/narrative.
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