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Russia halts adoptions to Sweden over gay nuptials


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Sep 14, 2012
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Russia halts adoptions to Sweden over gay nuptials - The Local

Russia has stopped all adoptions to Swedish parents due to a court decision banning international adoptions to countries which afford homosexual couples equal marriage rights.
"It's terrible. We have 13 children in Russian orphanages today who have been offered to parents in Sweden who they have actually met," said Jonas Friberg at the Adoptioncentrum agency in Sweden to Sveriges Television (SVT).

All I have to say is... LOL. Russian lawmakers are afraid that russian orphans will be adopted by homosexual swedish couples. Better they live in the god-awful state orphanages!

In all honesty, I do feel sorry for the orphans. They do deserve better and their legislature is hell bent on making themselves the gay laughing stock of the world. And Putin, a world leader, doesn't see anything wrong with this. He is scraping the bottom of the homophobic barrel now to get some popularity.
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