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Rule 14 Update

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Rule 14 Enforcement

As much as it pains the moderation team to have to re-write Rule 14 we've had a few individuals who have taken the rule and used it in a way that the rule was never intended to be used. Therefore we are updating the rule again and outlining how this rule will be enforced going forward.

You can quote another user so long as the quote does not come from any of the 'DP Extras' forums (Tavern, Basement, etc...). You can quote another user's words so long as the quote is not altered in any way, the link is available to where the quote came from and it's not used in a way that is deemed by the mod team as "out of context". Any reports of signature violations will be looked into and ruled on by the moderation team. You do not need another poster's permission to quote them in your signature however be sure the quote isn't used out of context (or edited in a way that is inappropriate).

An example of "out of context" would be the following:

Original Post - "If Tim Tebow is the greatest QB of all-time then I'm a drooling idiot."

Quoted Post - "I'm a drooling idiot"

First offense will be a warning and the quote will be removed from your signature. Future offenses will result in an infraction and the quote will be removed from your signature. Habitual violations of this rule may result in increased point totals up to and including a permanent ban.

The signature feature was never intended to be used as a weapon. Due to the actions of some we felt it was appropriate to rewrite the rule and explain it's enforcement going forward.
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