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Round-up of homosexuals around Havana’s Capitol


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May 13, 2010
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Round-up of homosexuals around Havana’s Capitol
Noticias/Cuba_Redada contra homosexuales en la zona del Capitolio

Havana, Cuba, February 9, (Aliomar Janjaque Chivaz, Cubanet/index) - 15 young homosexual were arrested by the police on Tuesday night outside of Havana’s Capitol. The arrests were part of a major raid against gays, bisexuals and transvestites who gather at the Prado Street, opposite the Capitol.

Yudisvel Santos, a student of Library Science, said that members of the LGBT community in Havana gather in the street for not having other premises in which to do so.

Santos, 21 years old and militant of the Union of Young Communists (UJC), explained that in the raid, carried out by police from the nearby Dragones station, the police also used plainclothes officers who mingled with the groups, posing as homosexuals to prevent the escaped of the young men.

“The police persecutes and arrest homosexuals, accusing them of social dangerousness by being prone to prostitution”, said Julian Sanchidrian, 19 years old Emo, who added, “This happens everywhere in the city, especially in Central Park, “el Curita” (young priest) park, Fraternity park, Virgin of the Road park and in the Vedado neiborghood.”

The arrested youngsters were released early on Wednesday after being fined. Acts of warning were filed against them for alleged acts of prostitution and were warned not to gather at the Capitol area, a recognized space as a meeting of the gay community by the National Center for Sex Education, led by Dr. Mariela Castro Espin, daughter of the current headman of the Republic of Cuba, which promotes tolerance towards sexual diversity.
While Mariela goes by the world as great ambassador of make believe of social diversity, in Cuba the regime detain homosexuals for exercise their right of peaceful assembly.
The gays in this story may very well have been engaging in prostitution.

Does it count as "peaceful assembly" when prostitutes do business on a street corner?
First time I have read this.

Castro's totalitarian island state rejects gay rights (and human rights) of any kind, so I am not suprised that they would round up "prostitutes" ... especially if the area is a known cruising location in the capital.
First time I have read this.

Castro's totalitarian island state rejects gay rights (and human rights) of any kind, so I am not suprised that they would round up "prostitutes" ... especially if the area is a known cruising location in the capital.
Beside the existing racial persecution against the blacks, now they have intensified the persecution against members of the LGBT community. But the useful idiots of the dictatorship keep repeating like parrots that the homosexuals aren’t repressed in Cuba. The Castro regime has a long history of persecution against the dissident journalists, blacks, jineteras (prostitutes) and homosexuals. In Cuba there hasn’t been, there isn’t, and will not be freedom for anyone until the Castro Tyrants and there henchmen are removed from power.
Homosexuality remains under attack in Castro’s regime. Well Mariela, now is the time to show your support towards gays in Cuba. So far your organization hasn’t done anything against the regime’s repeated and flagrant violation of basic human rights. If you play it safe and you do nothing, your resume and pompous titles are not worth the cost of the paper it was printed on.
A conspicuous obscurity in modern Cuban history is the oppression of homosexuals under Fidel Castro, and unprecedented oppression at that. Samuel Farber notes, “The present Cuban government… has done more to promote homophobia than any regime in the country’s history.”

Gay life after the Cuban revolution has been a horrible nightmare of repression, persecution, massive raids, incarceration, concentration camps and death.
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