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Roberto Jbili The Effects of Terrorism Into Global Markets Gains Via Barclays Bank


Jun 24, 2010
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The Effects of Terrorism Into Global Markets Gains Via Barclays Bank Analysis

Analysis By Roberto Jbili
Milano, Italy, 23-06-2010 jbilirobertoanalysis@gmail.com
0039 3450924300

Barclays Bank Stock Trading Strategy
Short Term Target: 380
Medium Term Target: 220
Long Term Target: Bankruptcy

Fundamental Analysis

Barclays in The Today Politics, Why Barclays Should Go Bakruptcy and Why He Was Down?
All of us know that Barclays bank made the today negative Global situation, In fact, The World Trade center attacks was an event made by this bank againest another event made by him which is the Assassination of princess Diana.

Barclays Bank killed the princess Diana with the EX-Vatican strategy to lower the Islam power to extend to inside the Royal Family and give high value to this religion, Vatican & Barclays bank killed Diana and Vatican used many parts to kill her at that time.

Barclays Bank claim that USA killed Princess Diana via Bush to depart UK from Arab Golf Countries or UK EX-Royal Colonials like Saudi Arabia, U.A.E control, for Oil interests by Bush.

An accident againest the Royal Family made the World Trade Center Attacks and made the UK Royal family implicated in terrorism with Russia, Syria and other countries.

The real fact is that Bush, France, Syria killed her with Italy and France do all the best to lower the Royal Family Value in the Globe to Have Canada from UK.

In Fact, Today politics in which made Sweden with Russia & USA againest UK, and Denmark With Germany & Italy againest UK due to huge interests in the Arab Golf Markets which are rich of oil. Confirm that Bush has deep relations with Italy via Vatican and other churches and he has interests with CITI Bank.

All The Above Situation in Red confirm The Germany Destroy the UK Royal family from point of political view and that France try to attack UK like they made before and failed with Russia why they made the EC extend to Russian Borders with countries like Ukraine and later Georgia and all this is an Jew lobby influence inside the EC politics via France & George Soros and this confirm that Jew Lobby use USA to destory the UK Royal family and to make problems between UK & USA, The result in the future is that they will fail, Since Soros & France failed with Russia and today Russia is with USA.

In fact the stabilty of Barclays bank noted in my above chart confirm that this situation will last for the next 2 years since Mr. Obama support this bank with Soros, Both of Soros & Obama are Democrats.

Since Germany remain againest UK and want to use UK to have new makets for Germany Big Brands like the Auto one which Germany try to export to Arab Golf Markets and to replace USA business and brands there.

The movments of the Global conflict from the EC-Russian Borders to UK Borders confirm that UK is not with USA for the moment and that USA does not fight Russia and that USA is in a military joint power with Russia againest UK.

The Media situation in Sweden from point of Democratic view confirm Sweden ties to USA or UK, Since more democratic and Open media confirm that Sweden is with UK (Soros Open Sociaty Model via UK) and the less democracy in Media in Sweden confirm that USA & Russia are there.

All the above situation confirm that Mr. Bush With France & Barclays bank made the project of the World Trade Center and used later the Vatican, Russia, Syria and the support of other parts like Japan. Barclays remain the part who connect Bin Laden with the Royal family in World Trade Center and later in Sudan via Italy & UK political influence, and this confirm that the project was made in London.

Fundmanetal Political Analysis

Since The Global economy perform on credit, The Global economy perform on Banking or the Banking can indicate future direction of Global economy since more credit activity will mean more income for the main banks in the Globe.
But who can give credit to Barclays to perfom since all the Global Investors know this bank relations with terrorism and understand that this relations may cause the bank go bankruptcy.

Only terror parts can support him and this explain why Syria via Arab Golf Investors invested in this bank and made Billions.
Even this parts are afraid today to invest in Barclays which made himself clear terro advisory bank for the Russian Mafia and Syrian terro leaders. Barclays must not use Germany or Vatican to escape from terrorism via bankruptcy and to Give Italy Berlusconi the banking business of Barclays for Intesa San Paolo Bank later, like they will do with HSBS, Banco Santander, ING Bank, Societe Generale & Fimat, CommerzBank and even Duetsche Bank. (Forex Role to finance terrorism Via Jordan in Iraq againest USA).

In the future no one will give credit to Barclays to not have terror relations, If This bank will not receive USA political support like they have today from Obama he will go more far than simple bankruptcy similar to Lehman Brothers.

Also, Mr. George Soros must not support this bank and his activity againest the laws of the United States and terro sponsorship, The bank also must not use the politics to escape from terrorism.

All fo us know that Barclays bank was behined The World Trade Center Attacks and he used the Vatican via the EX-Papa to collect th project tools from Syria via Mustafa Tlass and other parts and via Russia which gave the pilots which made the World Trade Center and also via Spain which via ETA has relations with Hezbollah & Bin Laden.

All of us know that the terrorists which made the attacks are muslims came from Arab Golf countries.

Technical Analysis


Going Forward
Bush politics today via Obama since we are in Commodities business cycle (Bear Market Rally) and since Commodities business need political leaders which has political policies close to the commodities business (like Bush & Cheney which make wars for new political powers which support USA oil investments).

which is againest his father politics, Bush was againest Russia and he made the CCCP Down and killed Diana, and made an Golf war which made the Arab Golf regions in Billions of debts and controled oil sector by USA.

Bush today is with Russia and allow the Royal Family (Barclays Projects) make what they want, he even accepted the 11 Sep Attacks to pass.

The World must depart Bush and Barclays projects for Oil, Barclays also has a influence in USA via Soros and on USA Economy via Economy official leaders in USA, also via Bloomberg & Soros. All those are Jews with Italy Vatican againest USA and with France today to destory USA, they will use the Royal Family & UK to destory USA for Canada & Israel Middle East Projects in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and other countries. (New Middle East or Big Israel which Bush told us about and which is put via Bloomberg & Soros. And also Banks like Goldman Sachs.

The world Must be aware about the Globalization of Pricess Diana case in which Vatican killed her coz she support Muslims or has an Muslim boyfriend to the Royal Family in which has relation with Bin Laden. Royal Family to Bin Laden via Syria must not be another Diana to Islam case.

Also The Royal Family must not support Russian mafia in Canada like Basi element investments or Metals investments or Chelsea club woner in London, Soros via this person are with Russian mafia (since both are Jews) againest Royal family and want to use the Royal family to escape from it).

In fact, Soros Gains from Euro confirm that Europe is not with UK and that Soros use both of UK & Israel againest USA for Canada and this confirm Soros relations with France. (France helped to Build Jews Banks in USA)

Soros also remain againest UK with Russia via Italy & Vatican & Germany since Benedikt is an German Citizen.
Soros remain also with Israel, Italy againest UK.

Here I note that Barclays bank implicated the Royal family in terrorism via Prince Charles of UK and his wife since they killed Princess Diana for both of them interests with Vatican, Then Both of Barclays & Rami Makhlouf or Syrian president Assad's Cousin which have sanctions from Mr. George W. Bush hold Osama Bin Laden in Syria since they transfered him from Iran and may transfer him later to Lebanon.

Today Obama dont want to release Bin Laden and he support Syria for this point to be used againest Mr. Bush policy in terrorism, Mr. Bush & Republic party want to use bin laden as an election tool. This point may rise the confidence in Syria to make a lot of terrorit attacks well explained between 2008 and until today via airplanes attacks explained as accidents and made by Syria.

The relation between UK Royal Family & Rami Makhlouf can be noted in Rami Makhlouf business in Syria when he use politics for success in business like Syriatel case (In negative way). When USA use military for business success and new markets.
If USA want Bin Laden they must see that Syria weak point is the military and if they will attack Damascus they will receive Bin Laden in Sudan. This explain why Syria has good diplomatic ties with countries aound her.

Abdullah Ojalan was released from Syria after to void Syria with Turkey Military conflict before and same point can happen with Bin Laden.


Outer space potato man
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Feb 6, 2010
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Re: Roberto Jbili The Effects of Terrorism Into Global Markets Gains Via Barclays Ban

It's like one of those rambling homeless guys found a laptop.


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Jun 1, 2006
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Re: Roberto Jbili The Effects of Terrorism Into Global Markets Gains Via Barclays Ban

I thought it was one of those Chimps, given a laptop and monitored, to see whether within a certain time it could produce a Shakespearean masterpiece!
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