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Roberto Jbili: Egypt Investments From Point of Political & Social View


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Jun 1, 2010
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Egypt Investments From Point of Political & Social View

Political Insight by Roberto Jbili
Italy, Milano 1-06-2010
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Copy From: Egypt Investments From Point of Political & Social View (Roberto Jbili Political Analysis Intro By Google Sites)

The failure of political opposition in Egypt for many different parts in Europe is expalined as an Democartic issue and that there is no Democracy in Egypt.

But the real facor is that the socaity inside Egypt dont want the political opposition and preffer to remain with the actucal leader Mr. Husni Mubarak which receive USA support, Italy & France and uder UK weak control reamin with the main goal to control Egypt from point of Social view via exmapled like Magdi Allam, from point of political view via examples like Ayman Nour and from point of economic view via examples like Naguib Sawiris.

All this parts are looking to control Egypt and to prepare it for the democracy in Christianity or via the efforts of France and Italy Christian Democratic party via the period or the political life after Mr. Husni Mubarak, France want to control Egypt and they even want to introduce their brands inside the Egyptian Social life like France Telecom & Lafarge and Via Swaris.

France is looking to weaken USA control on Egypt and even UK one from a very long time but they was all the time facing social problems which does not welcome the Frensh economy inside an sociaty which was built on UK style via UK economy style which is import-export and commerce.

failed exampled like Magdi Allam which preffered to use the religion as an gate to open investments and socail and political opportuinies and which wasw contained inside the Christian side in Italy which aim and want to destory him via just making him Christian and calling for something which will not exist. at least he call it in Italy. /no one have motiviations to convert his religion/.

The above startegies by France in Egypt failed. and even today Invesotrs like Naguib Sawiris is selling all his investments as an result of this failure and this will lead us to 2 main results:

1-All France-Italian-Russian-and even German and this parts brands will fail in the import-export relation (Egypt Economy Model) and UK will have less profits. and this will lead us to the Idea that any Industrial projects from this parts will fail.

2-There is and there will be in long term an political stabilty in Egypt via Mr. Husni Mubarak and via his son and appropiate political trend to actual one.

This political trend will make USA investments in Egypt from point of commerical & Industrial view and via USA alliance which adopted USA economy style in business or industry and commerce very attractive and they will have to receive political support.

I remain to condier that USA will have increased political interests in Egypt in the future since,USA is looking to have political role from point of diplomatic view not military view in the Middle East and persons like Mr. Mubarak and his political view are very important for USA in the Arab world and for Israel which USA will want to be return to UK more control from point of financial, military, political support and to Italy support from point of religios view and they even want investors like Soros to be in return to UK.

This will lead us to the view that Egypt economy will perform in the future on modern industrial technology economy which will use modern tech in industries and will be via industries not commerce or import-export relation.

This will lead us to confirm that induturies with high tech relation will produce a lot of profit in Egypt and here we confirm that all tech sector will produce a lot of cash in Egypt.

The result on long term is that companies with registartion in Egypt chambers of commerce which will have to deal and to export produucts from above projects will make a lot of success and will have also political support from USA and USA alliance and will be an example againest Dubai one.

This also will lead us to the point that USA today from point of social view does not welcome Christianity side from point of social view and that they are around Italy to catchit for 11 September role of Italy on USA. Islam orinted invesments has a lot and will have a lot of success in Egypt from point od social view and Moamen Fast Food in Egypt remain an example in success of business from point of social view which remain on Islam side.

In politics, I remain with Mr. Mubarak and in the future with Mr. Mubarak son, Mr. Jamal Mubarak and bothh of them political trend as an important part of success of investments in Egypt. and even from point of social view this trend of politics will have positive impact, and investments around them has to be very strong in commerce of export relation. as per import we like products which are not yet prodcued under above explained analysis, or products from USA which are not produced in Egypt.

Here, We note the Globalization role, I like to build brands instead to import it and make it appropiate to Islam religion from point of social view which will make it appropiate to Egypt sociaty, this kind of investments will receive also political support from above leaders.

Moamen remain an example in FastFood industry.
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