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Rise for Lars Vilks! (1 Viewer)

I think this video needs a little more context. Lars Vilks is a Swedish artist who engendered controversy after a number of Swedish art galleries refused to show Vilks' drawings of Muhammad citing fear of violence from Muslims. A few Swedish newspapers published his drawings leading to Muslim protests and condemnations of the newspapers by several Muslim organizations (since the drawings were insulting of Muhammad, including depicting him as a dog, to this point things weren't too much different than controversies surrounding anti-Christian art, but things expanded from there). Several Muslim governments, including the relatively secular governments of Egypt and Pakistan, also condemned the drawings and Vilks received death threats. About a month ago, Vilks was attacked by Muslim protesters while giving a lecture on free speech at Uppsala University. Then a few days later, Vilks' home was burned to the ground by arsonists (while the artist was away luckily). This year, people in both the United States and Ireland have been arrested on charges of conspiracy to kill Vilks.

My take on the whole matter is that Vilks deserves support on the basis that offending someone should not be an excuse to kill them or to deny them free speech. I'm offended when people say completely racist things, but I would never take away people's right to say them. Furthermore, the use of violence in response to speech should be rejected. If you don't like what someone says, feel free to argue against them or peacefully protest against them. Ask that others reject their message and try to disprove them. What is not acceptable is using violence to try and intimidate others to accepting your position.
Thank you!

Iam amazed that the governing ppl in sweden dont understand this.

Iam ashamed to be from Sweden.

Soon we will be a Caliphate :(

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